Top 10 Creatine Before and After Photos

Here we have a video showing the transformation of Jordan Heaters. Here is a photo of his creatine use, before and after:

creatine before and after

The video shows the transformation as it happened over time, with updates at one month, six months, etc.

Over the course of two years, he added 40 pounds of pure muscle, and has a very lean cut looking build. It is important to know the right timing to take creatine, with other supplements (glutamine and protein).[AMAZONPRODUCT asin=”B002GCEIWQ”]

How does creatine help you build muscle?

Creatine makes your workouts easier. Studies show that it has the ability to enhance an athlete’s muscle force and power during exercise.

The greatest improvement came from short bouts of high intensity workouts. Athletic performance during this type of exercise increased 5% to 20% when using creatine, over and above what the placebo group achieved. In other words, it’ll give you the energy you need to make those last few reps count.

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