Top 10 Creatine Before and After Photos

Let me say, before continuing, that it is virtually impossible to find before and after photos involving people who take creatine, at least using Google images. It appears that Google puts an emphasis on the “before and after” and virtually no emphasis on the “creatine”, and all you end up with are hundreds of pictures of people going from fat to skinny, where the word “creatine” might have been used once on the page, in the menu — but doesn’t specifically relate to whatever photo was being used. It’s frustrating! Thankfully, I did all the grunt work for you, so that you can see verified photos of real people who use creatine.

The previous page features Kevin Eller, who had an amazing transformation even though he’s nearly 50 years old. This next guy is Stuart Macdonald, and he went from an overweight 44 inch waist to a rock hard 27 inch six pack in only 6 months.

creatine before and after Stuart MacDonald

He used a variety of workout methods, according to this thread … “he does the Max-OT regimen, creatine, protein and strict nutrition.” What is incredibly jaw-dropping is that he did this transformation in only six months!

Here is another photo:

creatine before after Stuart

Though this is what I optimized this page for … having noticed many people searching specifically for before and after photos of creatine bodybuilders, simply using this supplement isn’t going to get you this type of body without putting in some hard work. This guy was also doing the Max OT workout.

What is a Max-OT Workout?

Max-OT (or maximum overload training), involves building the maximum muscle in minimal time. It is touted as “the ultimate muscle building, fat burning, strength developing, power increasing approach to weight training ever conceived”. You can learn more about Max-OT Training at this link, however it is summarized best as follows:

  1. Train 1-2 muscle groups each workout.
  2. Performing 4-6 reps every set.
  3. Performing 6-9 heavy sets for each muscle.
  4. Rest times are 2-3 minutes.
  5. Workouts should last 30-40 minutes (30 minutes is optimal for max intensity).
  6. Each muscle should only be trained once every 5-7 days.
  7. A break of 1 week of rest and relaxation should be taken every 8-10 weeks.

The one thing that all these training types have in common with this article, is that they all involve creatine intake. Whatever your workout goals are, consider taking a creatine supplement. You can learn better how to do that at this link. For your convenience below I placed a link where you can order from Amazon.[AMAZONPRODUCT asin=”B005L3GRLC”]

The next guy is Jordan Heaters, and it demonstrates approximately two years worth of creatine and protein supplements. Click below for the next page!

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