Top 10 Creatine Before and After Photos

Let’s be honest. You’re not going to find 10 bodybuilders who only take creatine. Creatine works in conjunction with protein and many other supplements. In addition, the workouts of each of these bodybuilders will vary greatly. The only thing you can say about these (or any other) before and after photos is that the person took creatine, along with many other substances and a variety of workout plans.

The first guy has a fairly amazing transformation, even his skin color? add some serious tanning sessions to this guy’s workout regimen!

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Again, I want to stress that there’s far more to this man’s routine than simply taking creatine. His name is Kevin Eller. It is an amazing transformation for someone who was close to 50 years old.

I was approaching 50. My doctor said I had diabetes. I wasn’t far enough along for medication but if I kept doing the same thing, I’d get there. I needed bigger clothes. I was sick of being fat and always tired.

I watched the video a few times, writing down the workouts and printed out the meal plans included with the DVD. Oct 1, 2010, I started executing the plan. I weighed 215 lbs at that time. Eighteen months later, March 2012, I entered the NPC Michigan Novice at a weight of 152 lbs.

Kevin’s claim to fame was strictly following the “I Want to Look Like That Guy” plan, promoted by Jeff Willet, a professional body builder. Part of that plan involves: Creatine HSC = Glucose Crystals (DGC) with Micronized Creatine and Taurine. That product has been discontinued, however, you can get creatine and DGC crystals separately. For your convenience below, I’ve added links to the best creatine and also to DGC crystals.



Jeff Willet went on to say there’s no age limit, or I should say no “maximum age” as long as you use weights that you can handle, and have good execution. Kevin being nearly 50 when he started his routine only goes to show this is true!

Kevin was the first of many more photos. I scoured the internet looking for inspirational bodybuilding transformation stories that involved creatine intake. Click below for the next page to see more inspirational stories!

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