The Top 5 Forearm Workouts — Build Massive Forearms!

forearmsWhen I first started strength training, all I wanted was a ridiculously strong bench press and massive forearms to match. Over the years, I’ve had to tailor my workouts on my off days to ensure I had time to fit in some forearm workouts, just because part of that young weightlifter still lives on in me today. I always wanted great looking forearms and as a result, I still hammer my forearms on my off days or free days when I’m in the gym.

I will say that if you are just starting out, your focus should be on building strength through compound exercises. Focus on your Bench Press, Deadlift, Squats, Military Press and other Compound Exercises that will add strength and mass to your frame without worrying about isolation exercises. You should make sure that you build on a solid workout routine along with a proper supplementation and nutrition plan to make sure you can add the mass you are looking for as a Forearm Workoutsbeginner. If you have been around the block a few times, then grab a pen and paper. Next time you hit the gym on an “in between” or “off” day, bring the list below with you and prepare to walk out of the gym barely being able to hold your gym bag. Without further delay, here are my Top 5 Forearm Exercises:

The Forearm Roller:

The forearm roller is an awesome exercise that will not only put your forearm strength to the test, but it will make sure that you leave the gym knowing that you pushed your forearms to the limit. It’s a great exercise that is also relatively easy to do, even if you only have access to a home gym. You only need a stick, piece of rope, and some free weights to do it. You can check out a great video below on how to do the forearm roller:

Barbell Forearm Curls:

These were the original exercise that got me hooked on getting a wicked forearm pump. I used to do these 3 times a week (rookie overtraining mistake) and I would do them at the end of a long bench. Sit on the end of the bench with a barbell and drop the weights with your fingers like the instructional video below. Bring it back up and then rinse/repeat until you can’t do them anymore.

Dumbbell Handshake:

I was actually skeptical of these when I first tried them out. They are simple enough to do, but will leave the tops of your forearms on fire. You simply grab a dumbbell and hold it vertical to the floor. You then lower the weight as if you are mimicking a handshake and raising it right back up afterwards. You might laugh starting off, but after 8-10 with a heavier weight, trust me, it’s not a laughing matter. See the video below for a demonstration.

Forearm Reverse Curls:

This exercise is similar to the Barbell Forearm Curls. You hold the barbell straight in front of you, slightly above your waist. Raise the barbell with your fingers and pull it back towards your body, making sure you have a great grip and pull on the barbell with your forearm muscles. Continue until fatigue. Check out the video below for more details.

Forearm Dumbbell Twist:

This exercise is great because you can do it virtually anywhere if you have a dumbbell. All you need to do is grab a dumbbell and shake it around, side to side, with full complete motion. Rinse and repeat this until fatigue and I guarantee that the burn will be intense. Focus on the form, and check out the appropriate practice of this exercise in the video below.

Go Blast Your Forearms:

Now it’s your turn. You have a full list of the best forearm workouts that you can possibly put yourself into. It’s up to you to go out there and incorporate them into your workout. Practice these forearm exercises on your off days or your in between days so you have enough rest on your compound lift days. If you do so and are married to an appropriate nutrition and supplementation plan, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t see fantastic results.

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