The Top 5 Best Pre Workout Supplements — Ratings & Reviews

I can personally say that I never worked out as hard as I have until I started taking Pre-Workout Supplements. I’ve also gotten amazing results when I started taking my favorite one of the group that I have listed below. By keeping an strict and steady diet and carefully selecting the right products to help me with my training routine, I’ve been able to stay extremely lean (6% bodyfat) while adding on more muscle than I ever could have by just eating regular food alone.

While my personal favorite happens to be the Cellucor C-4 (also an Amazon best seller), There are several other great products below worth looking at.

Here’s What I Experienced and what you can hope to see when taking the best pre workout supplement for your body chemistry:

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Stamina
  • Increased Strength (Mental and Physical)
  • Decreased Recovery Times
  • Able to Push My Workouts Longer and Harder.
Picture Product Taste Effectiveness Estimated Amazon Price
Picture Product Taste Effectiveness Estimated Amazon Price
Cellucor C4 Extreme Workout Supplement 9.5/10 10/10 $29.99 And Below
Muscle Pharm Assault Pre-Workout System, Watermelon, 1.62 Pound 8.5/10 9.5/10 $29.99 And Below
BSN NO-Xplode, Grape 2.48 Pound 8/10 10/10 $34.99 And Below
MuscleTech naNO Vapor Perforamance Series, Fruit Punch, 1.14 lb., Pre-Workout Powder with Citrulline Mallate 8.5/10 8/10 $34.99 And Below
Optimum Nutrition Platinum, Pre- Raspberry Lemonade 30 servings 8.45 Ounce 8.5/10 8.0/10 $29.99 And Below

Look — I’m not saying a great physique can’t be obtained by only eating real food. What I can personally attest to is that with my busy work schedule, taking creatine, weight gainers, or other muscle building supplements were highly effective in bringing me the results that I wanted to get, without the availability to eat 6 perfect meals per day. Now that you’ve seen my review charts and ratings, let’s take a look at these products in a little more depth.

Cellucor C4 Extreme:

Let’s start with my personal favorite. The C4 Extreme is without a doubt one of the best tasting (Icy Blue Razz rocks) supplements out there when it comes to ranking this batch. It’s hard to compete on cost at under 40.00 on and it’s the highest rated product out of all of them at 4.6 stars with over 1100 reviews. When I take C4 Extreme, I feel much more energized, stronger and much more ready to punish myself through a grueling workout. This is especially important for me after working very long days. This is the stuff I moved to after a long relationship with N.O.-Xplode, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s on the Amazon Bestseller list for a reason.

C4 Extreme

Muscle Pharm Assault:

I had a brief stint with the watermelon Muscle Pharm Assault. I can say that I was very impressed with the results. The Cellucor C4 seemed to react better with my body chemistry so I switched back, but that’s only because I saw slightly better gains and I felt a little more in control when I took the C4. Outside of that, this is an awesome supplement and I’m sure others may have the same success with this that I did with the C4, just depending on body chemistry. With over 400 reviews, this is right up there with N.O.-Xplode when it comes to quality.

MP Assault


This is probably the product I had the longest relationship with. It’s very high quality, but it’s also been around a while. It’s been very effective for me, but just not quite as effective as the C4. The fruit punch taste was great at first for me, but after a while, it became very bland and I kinda gave up on it because of the taste. If taste weren’t a factor, I would probably be completely good ranking this one just under the Cellucor. That being said, you need to LIKE what you are taking each day before your workout, and C4 has the N.O.-Xplode beat hands down on taste.

NO Explode

MuscleTech NanoVapor:

The MT Nano Vapor is a decent supplement. It’s very good for the cost and I’d stick with the fruit punch on this version if you like the MT line of products. I like some of the MuscleTech lines, but for my own Pre Workout choice, this was just not the right choice for me. Taste was OK, but I didn’t find it nearly as effective as the Cellucor.


Optimun Nutrition Platinum Energy and Focus:

ON usually does everything right. This time around, they do it about 75% right in my book. This was a tough one for me because I’m usually slightly biased due to their other products and how quality they are, but when I took this, I didn’t have anywhere near the same drive I have when I’m popping a Cellucor dose before I hit the gym. It’s great if you are on a budget and the Twisted Apple flavor is pretty good.

ON Pre

Now that we’ve talked about my top 5 choices, let’s cover Pre Workout Supplement Basics. These products are typically taken before your workout to enhance endurance, strength and mental focus during your training period. Different supplements contain different ingredients and not all of them work the same. Some products may be more effective in helping you gain muscle, while others might help you burn more fat, so it’s important to know which one is aimed at helping you achieve your long term goals. Once you’ve found the right supplements that you trust, it becomes a win-win relationship that your body will benefit from long term.

How soon before working out should I take my Pre Workout Supplement? A good rule of thumb is to start taking your pre-workout supplements about an hour before you start lifting weights. Depending on the type of supplement you take, it can take up to 30 minutes before your body starts to feel the effects. Usually each supplement gives specific directions on the label as far as both timing is concerned and if you need to take it with food or on an empty stomach. A lot of supplements recommend that you take their product on an empty stomach before your workout for the best effects, but you will need to refer to each individual product label for the best dosage instructions in order to maximize your results.

What will my workouts be like? Typically if you’ve done your research, you can expect increased energy levels along with that extra “burst” that it takes to push yourself to the next level. I have found that by taking the right pre-workout supplement you can expect to see both your strength levels (heavier weights) and heightened endurance levels (increased reps) during your workout. Typically depending on the ingredients of your pre workout supplement, you should also have a “longer lasting” energy effect that allows you to spend more time working out, allowing you the opportunity to work every muscle you need during the target day for that particular muscle group.

Why you will perform better by taking the best Pre-Workout Supplement for you: Proper nutrition is 70% of good training regimen. You absolutely have to use them in conjunction with the following:

    • Proper Weight Training Schedule
    • Appropriate Diet/Nutrition Plan
    • Appropriate Dietary Supplements (like these here)

If you are missing any and/or all 3 of these things, you will not be successful with your goals. Getting the physique you want takes dedication. It’s easy to get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results. But in order to achieve your goals, you need a successful plan.

You need to make sure you are not only making sure you properly map out the items listed above, but you also need to make sure you are setting your fitness goals if you don’t have anything firm put down on paper. If you haven’t started tracking your fitness goals, now is the time to start, and you need to make sure you are realistic. You probably aren’t going to increase your bench press by 300 pounds in a matter of 3 months by taking supplements. What you can do is focus on setting the realistic goals for you, whether that be to lose a few pounds, or put on some muscle. Either way, make sure your goals are realistic so you don’t cause yourself to be disappointed and give up without a fight.

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