The Top 3 Supplements I Will Never Live Without


Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder

With ON getting the nod in almost every supplement category these days due to the outstanding quality, it should come as no surprise that the ON creatine is next on my list. I added 20 pounds to my bench press alone last summer prior to going on vacation just by implementing this into my diet and I gained no bodyfat as a result since it doesn’t have any sugar or fillers. Mix with water and go. It’s also a best seller with over 780 positive reviews on



If you gave me a 4th supplement option to tag along for good measure, I’d throw in ON’s brand of multivitamins for men as EVERYONE should be taking a good multivitamin. It’s also on the best seller list with almost 1000 reviews, and the women’s version also gets great ratings. If you have a budget for a 4th, then take my advice and pick up the Opti-Men.. you won’t regret it.


Now I’ll stop … I promised you a list of three but couldn’t resist giving you 4. Hopefully you’ve found these recommendations useful. There’s plenty of junk products out there on the market, and you don’t need to be taking any of them that don’t meet the same quality standards that any of these will provide you.

These are all extremely cost effective and buying every supplement on this list (multi-vitamin included) should run you under 160.00 and last you an ENTIRE month, possibly even two. There are plenty of supps out there that will barely last you two weeks for the same cost. Picking up any of these will not disappoint you as long as you are making sure you also have a solid diet plan to go with it.

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