The Top 3 Supplements I Will Never Live Without

healthyBefore I jump in, let’s just be realistic. While I think all of us would eat real food 6 times a day, it’s just not possible unless you don’t have a full time job, are a full time bodybuilder, or make millions of dollars and live in Hollywood with your own nutritionist and personal cook.

For the rest of us, we eat where we can in between our 50-60 hour work weeks or our college classes and do everything we can to stay in shape. There’s no way I can eat as much as I need to , so I rely a lot on supplements to make sure I’m not missing any nutrients in my diet during the day (carbs, protein, and fats). Before I start, if you don’t like reading, then I’ve set up the top 3 products for you in the table below. If you like to do your research in depth, continue on to hear why I won’t ever be caught without these supplements in my pantry.

With my dramatic weight loss and subsequent quest to get to 6% bodyfat last summer, I get E-mails pretty frequently asking me which supplements I can’t live without. Well here you go. This is my top 3 favorite supplements and why I can’t live without them. You’ll notice one thing — the products that I recommend are almost ALL best sellers on and with good reason. Each of these supplements are made by Optimum Nutrition which produces the best quality supplements for the price. They also taste freaking great in comparison to some of the garbage out there I’ve forced myself to choke down in the past.

Here we go.


Optimum Nutition 100% Whey Gold Standard — Double Rich Chocolate

While the Vanilla version tastes great, the Chocolate Whey Protein from ON tastes absolutely fantastic for a whey protein. Mixed with water this is hands down the best whey protein I’ve tasted versus other brands and I’ve tried a ton. I take Whey right after my workout with water for maximum results. With over 2700 positive reviews, this is one of the best-selling protein products on the market.


This is the first of my three recommendations, of the bodybuilding supplements I can’t go without. Click below to the next page to continue reading about the best bodybuilding supplements!

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