The Top 10 Benefits of Squats — For Strength

tworeasonsOutside of the Deadlift, the Squat is unquestionably the best full body strength training exercise. There are numerous benefits of doing squats and we will cover the top 10 reasons why you should be doing them right now if you aren’t incorporating them into your workout today. I’m sure I could come up with 20 different reasons why you should incorporate this awesome exercise into your workout routine.

The reality is that if 10 awesome reasons aren’t enough for you to start squatting today, another 10 probably won’t help! Without further delay, here are my top 10 reasons why it rocks:

  1. Increased Strength:

    This is a powerhouse exercise that will help you build tree trunk legs. Don’t expect huge strength gains in other areas of your workout if you aren’t doing them. They work your Quads, Glutes, Calves, Hamstrings along with a host of other upper body and core muscle groups.

  2. Get Killer Calves:

    For those of us who’ve suffered from scrawny leg syndrome, going heavy and methodicalwill help you build a killer set of calves. No other compound exercise outside of deadlifts will help you build an amazing set of calves like the squat.

  3. Testosterone and Hormone Release:

    Doing exercises like squats and deadlifts will release important growth hormones promoting overall strength gains and muscle growth through your entire body.

  4. Improved Core Strength:

    Squats force you to carefully maintain balance between your legs, lower back, abdominal muscles, obliques and everything in between. If you are using proper form, you will feel the burn for the next 2 days deep in your core muscles. Try resting the barbell on your shoulders for a front squat if you want to give your Abs more of a workout.

  5. Shred your Glutes:

    Doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, they are the best exercise available to help you build a killer backside. Strength training with squats will help you build powerful glutes which will help your explosiveness playing sports and help you look great as you build a balanced lower body.

  6. Improved Upper Body Strength:

    They will help you build your shoulders, upper and lower back, forearms and triceps if done properly. You should be able to feel a full body workout just from doing squats alone.

  7. Improve your Balance:

    Because they work and strengthen your core, it also helps you build balance through the rest of your body. Doing this consistently will help you add balance through your entire workout routine. Make sure you are using proper form, going lighter in weight if needed.

  8. Potentially Reduce Your Injury Risk:

    Most people that suffer through nagging weight training do so as a result of an underdeveloped core. Because squats help you build up your balance and core/leg strength, you should in turn theoretically reduce your risk for other injuries as long as you are training in a safe environment.

  9. Other Sports Benefits:

    Any other sports you do will benefit from you doing squats. Tennis players, soccer players, basketball players, every single person out there that plays these sports needs to have a powerful set of legs. Whether it’s for a football game and you need to improve your cutbacks or it’s for an ice skater that needs a harder push, squats will help you improve the power that you need to make these movements with precision when playing other sports.

  10. Build Great Hamstring Muscles:

    I once had a friend I worked out with that said he had a girl date him because he had the best hamstrings she had ever seen in her life. Odd? Maybe a little. But at the end of the day, the legs are one of the most commonly neglected muscle groups by 90% of workout warriors that hit the gym. Set yourself apart and build a great set of hammy’s by blasting yourself weekly with Squats.

So there you have the Top 10 benefits. One important thing to remember is that they need to be performed safely and with proper form. Not doing so may put you at risk for injury. The best thing to recommend is to ALWAYS start out light until you know what you are comfortable with. If you are not practicing proper squat form, there is no reason to even do them because you can put your lower back at an immense risk. Below is a video that shows you how to use proper form when practicing squats. If you want the maximum results from your workout, you need to make sure you squat deep and go light to start.


Your Turn:

Get out there and add squats to your workout. Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder or someone just starting out and training strictly for strength, the rest of your workout will absolutely see immediate results if you push yourself to squat on a regular basis. While there are many other benefits that we haven’t covered, this should be enough to get you started on the right track in pushing yourself for huge gains in the gym. Remember, no matter how much effort you put in, if you don’t have the proper nutrition and supplementation program in place, you will never maximize your goals.

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