The Protein Power Plan

“The Protein Power Plan” is a Bestselling diet book by Drs. Michael and Mary Eades.

Background: Dr. Michael and Mary Eades

The Eades, over the course of their 15+ year careers, personally treated thousands of overweight patients. These patients had literally given up all hope of losing weight. The Eades success in their private practice led to coauthoring the bestselling book “Protein Power”. The book remained on The New York Times bestseller list for over a year, and has sold more than 3 million copies to date.

According to this diet book, you need to control the insulin response within your body to achieve health and normal weight. I wholeheartedly agree — insulin sensitivity is big when it comes to getting the most out of your workouts, and the recommended diet can help you achieve that sensitivity.

Depending on your activity level, they allocate amounts of protein required at each meal. You’re allowed a small amount of carbs (30-50g a day) but you must carefully monitor this. Persons on this diet plan need to count everything and eat specific amounts and at certain times. Protein Power also recommends diet supplements.


The Plan

Basically, “Protein Power” is a high protein low-carb diet plan similar to the Dr. Atkins Diet but with more scientific data and better researched. The Protein Power Diet comes with literature that includes calculations for discovering your ideal diet plan and how many carbohydrates and proteins you may consume based upon your height, weight, activity level and body fat percentage.

High protein foods such as meats, poultry and fish are encouraged as is milk, cream and cheese. While following the Protein Power low carb diet you should stay away from high carbohydrate foods such as pasta and bread–similar to the Atkins diet or South Beach diet.

Protein Power is divided into 3 stages:

1) Stage one is “Intervention”, which has a very low carb intake. This is followed until you approach your ideal weight.

2) Stage two is “Transition”, where some carbs are slowly introduced into your diet until your ideal weight is met.

3) “Maintenance” is the last stage, when your carbohydrate intake is raised to keep you at your ideal weight.

This diet program carries the same problems with ketosis that are found in the Dr. Atkins Diet. Among all the diet plans and low carb diets out there, some might consider this to be classified with fad diets.

Positives & Negatives

According to nutrition and obesity experts, the advantages associated with this plan include the following:

  • Weight loss guaranteed if the plan is followed
  • Initial weight loss is fast
  • It does have some scientific basis

The disadvantages or shortcomings are as follows:

  • Though this can be an ideal diet in regards to losing weight, those who are into bodybuilding (a main focus of my blog) will need plenty of carbs.
  • If you want to have a low carb diet while bodybuilding, consider backloading your carbs, or carb cycling.

My personal opinion, when it comes to a low carb diet, is that it serves a purpose (losing weight) — but may not (or may) be an ideal diet for long term maintenance once your ideal weight is reached. I feel that the best nutritional approach is to include healthy carbs in your diet, yet if you’re looking to slim down and cut fat off your body, a low carb diet can make sense. There is a proper timing when it comes to taking carbs if you’re going to weight lift (weight lifting without any carbs is a waste of time).

So you finally reached your ideal weight. You have two options. You can either stay and remain active, bodybuild and continue consuming plenty of healthy carbs, or (if you are more of a sedentary type of person, continue with a low carb diet in order to maintain your weight.

My opinion? Live an active, healthy lifestyle — get plenty of exercise and eat a diet with healthy carbs in proper moderation. However, I understand this is a bit difficult for the average person to maintain. I’d rather see you on a low carb diet indefinitely than to resort back to eating unhealthy and packing on many extra pounds. I also realize many people who read my blog aren’t as into bodybuilding as I am, so you are the one to set your goals! If you’ve done your math and have come to the conclusion that low carb dieting (even during maintenance) is what is easiest for you, by all means go for it!

If you’re looking for some variety in your low carb diet, consider this list of low carb foods which will give you plenty of options and make it easier to snack and stay in your low carb zone.

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