The Best Lower Chest Exercises and Workouts — Build a Balanced Chest!

Lower-Chest-ExerciseLet me start off by saying that I’m a firm believer of utilizing compound exercises as a way to build an extremely solid base before fine tuning your physique. Some of the Best Lower Chest Exercises and Workouts tend to be more isolation exercises. I would lean more towards making these a part of your workout routine if you are a little further along in your training regimen and you are just looking for some exercises to rotate in to keep things fresh. Fine tuning your lower chest is something that most fitness junkies want to do in order to make their physiques look more balanced overall.

If you are just starting out, stick to a solid strength training routine and make sure you incorporate lots of compound exercises. You also want to stick to a good nutrition plan and supplement where appropriate as needed. Building up your Lower Chest Exerciselower chest is no easy task considering most people have a certain genetic makeup that might make it easier or harder for you to do depending on your body type. There are several lower chest exercises that I have incorporated over the years when I’m either trying to push past a plateau or just looking for something to break my normal routine. I usually only sub in one of these exercises in lieu of another chest exercise, and I ALWAYS keep a traditional bench press in the mix at least one day a week. While there are a lot of lower chest exercises, here are my Top 5 that I enjoy usually on my 3rd rotating workout day (typically Fridays) for the week.


1. Decline Bench Press:

While I love the traditional bench press, I do sometimes use the decline bench press as an alternative on my 2nd chest day of the week. I usually sub this in as a compound exercise because it still qualifies as a compound exercise itself. It uses a lot of the same muscles as the bench press, but specifically targets the lower portion of your chest. This is a great all around exercise and I would advise you to test it lightly at first since it puts pressure on your shoulders. The last thing you need is a shoulder injury. You can read more about the Decline Bench Press by clicking here.

2. The Cable Fly:

I love Cable Flys. If done with proper form, this is one of the absolute best exercises that you can do to really improve the overall muscle density of your lower chest. This is considered more of an isolation exercise because it specifically targets your chest with some minimal shoulder work. The only issue is that most people won’t be able to do these exercises without a gym membership. Fly machines are expensive and most people don’t buy them to keep in a home workout room. See below for a brief video on how to execute Cable Flys correctly.

3. Decline Dumbbell Press:

Similar to the Decline Barbell Press, the Decline Dumbbell Press gives you a slightly larger span of motion when you are performing the exercise. It also does not work each muscle in unison, forcing you to make sure that both sides of your body are doing the exercise equally. This exercise specifically targets your lower chest and is a great alternative to the Decline Barbell Press, especially if you don’t have a spotter. See below for a brief video on how to do the Decline Dumbbell Press.

4. The Decline Dumbbell Fly:

This exercise shouldn’t be confused with the Decline Dumbbell Press. The focus here is to make sure you have excellent form, really isolating your lower chest muscles. You want to make sure that you keep focused on not overdoing this exercise or it can put undue stress on your chest and shoulders. Start off light and work your way up while practicing proper form. See below for a Brief video on how to perform the Decline Dumbbell Flys.

5. Dips/Weighted Dips:

If you can do more than your bodyweight with dips, I’d recommend investing in a weight belt. I prefer to do weighted dips myself and if done with proper form, these bad boys can really give your lower chest a great pump. It’s important to make sure again that you practice these with proper form, especially if you decide to give them a run with weights around your waist. See below for a brief video of dips using proper form.

Your Turn:

Now it’s up to you to get out there and target your lower chest by doing some of the best lower chest exercises and workouts. Make sure you always have a spotter if you are going to challenge yourself and go heavy, and make sure that you are following an appropriate nutrition and supplementation plan to achieve maximum results.

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