The Best Creatine Supplements Reviewed

BSN CellMass:

CellMass-221x300Cellmass also holds a unique place amongst the best creatine supplements. BSN’s version should be utilized primarily after training and the mixture also contains glutamine. Cellmass is flavored and does not require you to mix it with any type of juice or flavored beverage, and it also contains only 30 calories making it an effective product for adding mass or cutting weight.

It can also be used as an evening recovery drink prior to going to sleep along with a good casein protein supplement. BSN CellMass is a great creatine supplement and probably falls right in the middle of the pack in regards to our top 5 ranked products. BSN has a lot of other great muscle building supplements to match this one as well. The biggest benefit is that it tastes fantastic in comparison to the others and you can mix it anywhere you have a shaker bottle or a blender.
Now that we’ve covered the benefits of each of each of these fine supplements, let’s move on to creatine quality and why it’s important.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B0091PAE56″]

Is Quality Important?

When it comes to Creatine, you need to be careful because some of the cheaper supplements will make you bigger but make you look a little more bloated or “puffy” looking too. Most of the best supps have engineered formulas to get rid of the bloated look, and most products do a great job adding muscle when paired up with an appropriate nutrition and workout routine. Most also do not have a taste unless they specifically come sold as a pre-packaged drink.

Personally, I would stay away from the creatines that come artificially flavored. I’ve taken Cell Tech before and gotten good results, but outside of that particular product, I have found that the best results seem to come for me when I’m taking higher quality (like Optimum Nutrition) mixed with some type of juice. Personally, I prefer grape juice because for me, it spikes my insulin levels a little faster allowing it to get into my bloodstream quicker than if I were to mix it with water or another type of drink that’s lower insulin producing.

Will I get results if I buy one of these?

Absolutely. But your success also depends on making sure you are sticking to a sound nutrition and workout plan. If you don’t do both in tandem, you probably won’t see the results you want. This is a great product and personally I would always splurge a little on the best creatine brands when buying a performance product, but if you aren’t going to put in the effort to maintain a good diet and really push yourself in the gym at least 3 days a week, it’s kind of a moot point. The extra sugar intake alone you will get just from the added juice and insulin spike will not only add extra sugar to your diet, but create extra fat cells out of the sugar once your body doesn’t burn it off because you aren’t exercising.

Do I need to Keep Hydrated while taking Creatine?

muscle-waterWhen taking creatine, it’s absolutely of the utmost importance to keep hydrated. You are taking a product that is basically a cell volumizer that pushes more hydration into your cells. It’s going to be at it’s highest level of effectiveness when you are consuming a healthy amount of water while taking your favorite product. It’s also important to have a high H2O intake so you flush out the excess from your system that your body can’t use. Even if you aren’t taking creatine, a high water intake is always a good thing. It flushes the toxins from your body, keeps you fresh and has other health benefits including better looking skin. I try to make sure I’m putting down at least one gallon of H2O per day when I’m using creatine myself to pack on some extra pounds during the winter. For other ideas, check out some natural testosterone boosters by clicking here.

If you haven’t already made your decision yet, I’d definitely recommend Optimum Nutrition (the very first product reviewed on page 1). Below is a link, for your convenience. Not only is it the best product, financially it’s the best deal. The BSN Cellmass above is only 1.09 pounds, whereas this ON is 4.4 pounds, nearly 4 times as much.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B005L3GRLC”]

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