The Best Creatine Supplements Reviewed

MuscleTech Cell Tech:

Cell-Tech-234x300Muscle Tech differs from ON’s brand in several ways. First is the fact that it comes as a stand-alone product that doesn’t require you to mix it with juice.

When I bulk with Optimum Nutrition’s brand I usually ingest it with grape juice for a great insulin spike after my workout and to get it into my bloodstream quicker. With Cell Tech, you really don’t have to do that. It already carries with it a higher sugar content that spikes your insulin levels and only requires you to add water

Not going to lie, the loading period for Cell Tech can be a little overbearing with all the sugar, but during any bulk period, this is a fantastic supplement and you will see awesome strength gains. 2 years ago I added 20 pounds of weight in 3 months along with 40 pounds to my max bench press reps when taking Cell Tech. The weight was not all muscle weight, but it got the job done. This isn’t a product I’d recommend for someone looking to drop fat or lean up due to the sugar content. If you need to lose weight and want to add some muscle at the same time, stick to the ON brand.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B009K6TUEC”]

Note that you can pick whichever flavor you want on the Amazon page! Mix up the flavors occasionally so you don’t get tired of one vs another. This is a six pound container, compared to smaller portions below, when considering the price difference.

Cellucor COR-Performance:

51MvDTb0AQL._SL160_Cellucor is a decent supplement and is unflavored. It’s become more popular over the last year and is getting noticed amongst many of the natural bodybuilding circles. I prefer ON’s brand for the cost and for the sheer serving size that it contains in comparison to Cellucor.

However, if you’ve used Optimum Nutrition and aren’t seeing the results that you want (which you should if you have a decent diet and hydrate properly) then Cellucor is a decent alternative. Fortunately because it’s also not a stand-alone, this product provides you with a little bit of flexibility as far as which supplement to take when you are looking to drop weight. Many folks rave about the mixability, but I still prefer ON if I have a choice purely for cost reasons.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B0096ENVJI”]


Creatine-Review-225x300Con-Cret is the cheapest brand of the bunch from a “per purchase” standpoint but not in comparison to ON’s brand when it comes to cost per serving. Optimum Nutrition carries 380 servings whereas Con Cret only carries 48.

ON will last you about 4 times longer after your loading phase for 17 bucks more. With that being said, Con-Cret is awesome in the fact that it DOES NOT require a loading phase unlike the others. You can simply start taking it from day one and don’t have to worry about taking it 4 times a day for your first week which is a huge disadvantage for the others if you are someone that works full time. It’s hard enough to find time to take a supplement once a day, let alone 4 times per day. You can read the full review by clicking here.
Another option that is definitely worth an honorable mention is Muscle Pharm creatine. I do a separate review of that product at the previous link. I think it is comparable to Optimum Nutrition. Also, you can see more options below by clicking through to page 3.

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