NO Xplode Pre Workout Supplement Review

I felt like I needed to give the NO Xplode a little bit of credit even though I am now happily using the C4 Cellucor Extreme prior to my workouts. Truth of the matter is that I used it for almost a full year before I switched over to Cellucor’s brand of Pre Workout Supplement.

The NO was the first brand of PWS I really actually took, and it was more because by the end of my long office laden work days, I really needed a boost before my workout. Eating a piece of fruit and a protein bar with a little coffee were not cutting it for me. I decided to try NO Xplode which is a Nitric Oxide type of PW supplement.


When I first took NO Xplode, it was extremely addictive. I was completely wired when I hit the gym and I had huge gains initially. It’s extremely hard to tell if this was just because the supp itself cranked me up, and I was totally keyed in on my workouts, or if it was because I was pushing myself harder with a more positive attitude and approach to my fitness goals. Honestly, it was probably both. It probably didn’t hurt that I was taking creatine and a solid weight gainer either.

I really loved this supplement or I wouldn’t have stuck with it as long as I did. The main drawback for me was the taste over time, but that’s not to discredit the results I got when I started taking it. I think I just got burnt out on the fact that I was taking the fruit punch version almost every day for close to that entire year. Had I swapped out the flavors, I may have enjoyed it a little longer.

Overall, I had great results with NO Xplode. That being said, I feel like it’s been around for a while, and nutrition supplements are CONSTANTLY evolving. Over the last few months I’ve really been taking a keen liking to the Cellucor C4 extreme.

You can read more about this particular product and other great Pre-Workout Supplements by clicking here. I can’t say enough good things about the C4, but I never would have started taking it had I not gotten my feet wet with the NO Xplode. It was a great starter supplement, and to be honest, it really could have just been a mental hurdle for me when I stopped taking it.

c4I’d encourage you to start with what you are most comfortable with. Sniff around the reviews on as most users there are pretty tested and true with their opinions and results. I hit the C4 mainly because it has over 1100 positive reviews and is considered a bestseller on the Amazon list. Again, this could just be mental, but I do feel since switching to C4, it’s helped me break through a couple of different strength plateaus that I was having a hard time pushing over the edge with NOXplode.

In the end, you need to just test things out and figure out what’s best for your body. What works for me, may not work for you, so buy a few, see what works and get lifting.

For your convenience, I’ve provided Amazon links to both supplements:

body-builderThere is a certain timing that is necessary when taking supplements. At the article with the previous link, I explain the other supps you should be taking along with the pre-workout supplements reviewed above. In summary, you’re going to be juggling the timing of creatine, glutamine and protein at optimal times, in order to ensure you get the most muscle weight gain bang for your efforts.

That’s what its all about! If you can get better weight gain with less time, and achieve better, more optimized results — that will get you to your ultimate goals quicker.

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