Muscle Pharm Creatine Review — Ratings and Comparisons


I’ve been getting a lot of people asking about my experience with Muscle Pharm’s brand of creatine. Everyone that knows me knows that I’m kind of hooked on the optimum nutrition unflavored creatine powder due to the easy mixing ability and the fact that it’s extremely cheap for how effective it is. I’m always open to trying out something new so I decided to give it a run for 30 days and test it out.

Here’s what I found that I liked during my test run:

  • The Muscle Pharm Brand was just as effective as the Optimum Nutrition brand.
  • It doesn’t require a loading phase.
  • The creatine blend assures that your body gets the best types of creatine for whichever it reacts to best.
  • It absorbs easily and can be mixed with anything, similar to the ON brand.
  • I had similar results to the ON brand with regards to muscle gain.

I can’t really say that there was much here that I didn’t like. The only beef I have is that you get way more product for the money with the Optimum Nutrition brand and the fact is that I’ve been taking ON for so long and still had great results. The best part about the Muscle Pharm is the lack of having a loading phase. I made sure I cycled off for 30 days before giving this one a test run and true to form, it did not require a loading phase, so you do get a little more bang for your buck here with this particular brand than others, but still not quite the same value as you do with ON.

So will I switch? That depends. If I hadn’t had such phenomenal results with ON, I’d be jumping over to this product in a heartbeat. I think it’s great for people starting out that don’t want to deal with a loading phase. If you are already taking creatine consistently, then ON would be my first choice. But this is a solid product and yields great results. I’d like to continue using it to see what my results look like long term. Some people report hitting a plateau when taking any type of creatine product, but due to the composition of this particular brand, some people have claimed to see nothing but long term gains regardless of the length of time they’ve taken it.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B0056XU7K4″]

It largely comes down to personal choice when we are talking about brands like these and how it reacts to your own body chemistry. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to picking which creatine works best for you and your training schedule. Overall, I’d recommend Muscle Pharm’s brand if you are just getting into lifting or have been lifting for a while without taking any type of creatine and are looking to jump back at it again. If you’ve taken creatine for a while, you will get more value long term by checking out our Optimum Nutrition Creatine reviews by clicking here. Coupled with the right weight gainer, any brand of creatine can be highly effective when looking to add muscle in a short time frame.


Muscle Pharm is but one of many different types of creatine powder. Be sure you read all creatine reviews to select the one that is right for you!

If you want to cut to the chase, however, I do have one brand that I recommend highly (moreso than Muscle Pharm). ON (Optimum Nutrition)’s brand of creatine is the best value for your money, and does a fantastic job. You’ll note that there’s a price difference between below and the Muscle Pharm shown above. Note that ON listed below is 4.4 pounds, compared to the 300 grams of MP above. There is way more for your money with ON, and it is the main creatine powder I use.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B005L3GRLC”]

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