Lose Weight Fast Without Spending Money

low-carbWhen I was a teenager, I stumbled upon an awesome diet. When I say “stumbled upon”, I mean I got into a car accident. While a few broken bones needed to mend, I found myself in a very curious condition. I did NOT want to eat, period. I hated the smell of food. I hated the thought of food. I did not experience the slightest hint of hunger. My hospital stay was for two months, and I might have had two meals worth of food the entire time. Seriously.

You would think, in a hospital, they would see you not eating and show some concern, but that wasn’t the case in my situation. I had an IV hooked up, and the ability to push a button whenever I felt pain. It would then administer some medication. I availed of this heavily during the first week, thereafter not so much.

I lost 70 pounds while in the hospital, from 210 down to 140. When I left, I had twigs for arms and legs (I should mention I’m 6’4″). Since that time, at various points in my life, I’ve had problems with my weight and wanting to lose some, and thought to myself, “Gee, how convenient it would be to get into an accident and lose another 70 pounds!”

If I understood then what I do now, I’d realize that my lack of appetite had little to do with the meds, or the accident. During my first few days at the hospital, I was very tired and very weak. I ate nothing during that time, and my body entered a state of ketosis (where it switched to my fat reserves as a source of nourishment). There’s no need to get into an accident to restart that process. Simply consuming less than 40 carbs per day will get me (or anyone else) back to that happy place of losing weight and not being hungry.

Tips-to-Lose-weightIt would only be around twenty years later that I’d enter ketosis again, by attempting a low carb diet. I fasted four days (helpful for entering ketosis, but not necessary), and then consumed less than 40 carbs per day. Over a period of six weeks, I lost 60 pounds (around 10 pounds per week). When my hunger diminished, and I received the crystal clear state of mind that accompanies ketosis — my light bulb went on and I made the connection. Oh! This is what was happening to me when I was in the hospital all those years ago!

Now, I regularly partake of intermittent fasting and low carb diets in order to cut fat (I enjoy bodybuilding and so carbs are required at various times, though I will cut carbs in order to get lean). If you’ve never done this before, let me explain what you’re up against. The first few days, physically, isn’t a big deal at all. Mentally, however, it is an extreme challenge. Honestly, if you let yourself get hungry and experience a hunger pang — analyze it for what it actually is, it’s nothing! It’s not really even pain, it’s just an uncomfortableness similar to having a slight headache or being slightly warm and sweaty. However, when I get slightly warm or have a headache — I’m not panicking looking for an aspirin or dying to get in front of an aircon, not to the extent that a little tummy grumbling makes me want to eat A LOT of food!

For me, this psychological challenge doesn’t get any easier, no matter how many times I’ve entered ketosis. Intellectually, I know that if I go four days without carbs, I won’t care about being hungry. Regardless, every time I experience the same extreme craving for carbs. After around four days of low carbs, the difference in attitude is like night and day. You could be in ketosis for 6 months straight, then cheat during the holidays — you have to undergo the huge challenge all over again to re-enter ketosis.

lowAfter four days of being low carbs, you will be like … “Have I eaten yet today? Am I hungry? I’m busy right now, maybe I’ll worry about it later.” In a very nonchalant way, food will be take-it-or-leave-it. If you fast for a day, when you’re done fasting you won’t think you’ve accomplished some Herculean task. It will be, “I didn’t eat today, but I didn’t feel like eating. Maybe I’ll eat tomorrow.” When tomorrow comes, you won’t be any more ravenous than you were the day before. If you get yourself into ketosis, you won’t be controlled by food. You won’t care about it. You won’t be addicted to it. You could take it or leave it. It will be easy. You will not struggle daily about it.

Your energy level will be very constant. You won’t have any burst of energy, but you won’t feel like you’re running on empty. You wouldn’t want to go jogging, but you could walk a long distance. I found that intermittent fasting and being in ketosis does not affect my work, which is mainly sedentary. I seem to have a mental clarity that lets me get more accomplished.

The great thing about this is it’s free! You can lose weight without spending money. In fact, you’re probably saving a bit when you’re intermittent fasting.

If you’ll notice, this blog of mine sells Amazon stuff, mostly when it comes to body building. There’ is a science to nutrition and building muscle. Often, it takes supplements to achieve what you’re wanting to accomplish. I have no qualms telling you that you need to buy some product to build muscle, because I’ve personally experienced the difference in bodybuilding with and without supplements.

However, when it comes to losing weight and dieting, I recommend that you spend nothing! No diet pill will accomplish for you what a low carb diet, and being in a state of ketosis will do for you. If you’re part of the lucky few who can control their weight simply by eating proper portions — good for you! You probably haven’t read this article though, because you have no problems with your weight. For the rest of us, a low carb diet will get you exactly where you want to go. Do this, and enjoy losing weight without spending money!

shrinkLater on, if you decide to do more than just get slim and get into bodybuilding, you’ll find that intermittent fasting is great for showing off defined muscles.

In order to get the “shrink wrapped” look on your six pack abs, cutting the fat is a requirement. This is easily accomplished with ketosis and a low carb diet.

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