How To Increase Testosterone Levels: 18 Tips

testLooking to jumpstart your muscle growth? For any man training hard in the gym, seeing improvements in both size and strength is typically critical to feeling successful. While you may go to the gym simply because you enjoy the process, there’s a big part of you that goes to improve your physique.

So when improvements slow down — or worse — stop — it’s no surprise many men grow incredibly frustrated and lose all motivation to keep at it. Often, what’s causing the slow-down in results is not necessarily the workout you’re on nor does it have anything to do with the amount of effort that you’re giving.

Instead, what’s really causing your results to slow is the fact that your testosterone is dropping. This is a completely normal and natural process for men who are past the age of 30 — for some, even earlier. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean all hope is lost. If you know how to successfully boost your own levels of natural testosterone, you can get back on track to seeing results again.

Let’s walk you through some of the top ways that you can turn things around and see a more normalized level of testosterone taking place.

1. Eat Salmon 3 Times Per Week

salmonFirst, make sure you are dishing up salmon on a regular basis. Salmon is going to help to boost your omega fat intake, which is important for maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

In addition to that, it’s an excellent source of protein that will make sure you stay in a positive nitrogen balance — critical for mass building.

2. Incorporate Sets Of 5 Reps

Lifting a heavy weight is one of the most vital things you must do to keep your testosterone levels where they need to be. As you lift more weight, your rep range will go down, so doing sets of 5 reps every so often is perfect.

This will help to boost your strength while helping you get more muscular in the process. Using a variety of rep ranges is a wise idea for optimal muscle development.

3. Use A Testosterone Booster

A good quality testosterone booster such as TestoFuel will go a long way towards keeping your testosterone levels where they should be. The precise combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals has been formulated to work with your body to deliver you the gains you’re looking for.

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As an added benefit, these can also help to boost your libido.

4. Get Active In The Bedroom

bedroomWhich brings us to our next point.

If you want to optimize your testosterone levels, start getting active in the bedroom.

This form of exercise is great for boosting testosterone — and releasing stress, which we’ll talk about in a minute.

5. Get At Least 8 Hours Of Sleep Each Night

Sleep is prime time for testosterone release as well as muscle repair, so you never want to sacrifice on this either. Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep each night, if not more. The longer you stay awake, the lower your testosterone concentrations will drop, as was noted in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

If you can’t get 8, try and make use of naps as often as possible. You’ll also maximize your level of grown hormone by using this tip as well.

6. Serve Up Some Avocado

avocadoHealthy fats are a key part of keeping your testosterone levels normalized and avocado can help provide just the fat you need. Avocados are also rich in vitamin E as well as dietary fiber, two key nutrients for good health.

This food often gets overlooked in many men’s diets, but it’s a great one to eat to see muscle building success.

7. Avoid Crash Diets

One of the worst things that you could do for your testosterone levels is to crash diet. A sudden and significant decrease in your calorie intake will send your testosterone levels plummeting and leave you feeling miserable as well.

If you do need to lose fat, a slow and steady approach will always be better.

8. Keep Stress Minimized

Stress is the next element that you must get under control if you want to optimize your testosterone levels. High stress lifestyles are going to boost your level of cortisol, which is a hormone in the body that will actually cause muscle tissue loss to occur. Additionally, if you have chronically high levels of cortisol, this can also encourage fat to accumulate in the abdominal region.

A lose-lose scenario all around. Practice good stress management strategies to get around this.

9. Limit Endurance Oriented Cardio Training

If you’re someone who is on the treadmill each day trying to burn up body fat, you need to rethink this practice as well. Doing too much endurance oriented cardio training is going to decrease your testosterone production and decrease lean muscle mass as well.

To see this principle in action, take a look at a sprinter and then take a look at a marathoner. Who do you think has more testosterone flowing through their body? Enough said.

10. Eat Oysters

oystersOysters are a great food to include in your diet as they contain a high dose of zinc, critical for muscle building and maintaining optimal testosterone levels, as was found in a study published in the Acta Physiologica journal. This is also why oyster extract has been used to create TestoFuel, the testosterone booster designed for maximum muscle gains.

You’ll also get some protein by eating this food as well, assisting with the muscle repair process.

11. Lose Excess Body Fat

If you’re currently sporting excess body fat, that has to change as well. Maintaining a healthy body weight is going to go a long way towards keeping your testosterone levels where they need to be, so this isn’t something to overlook either.

Take steps to reduce your calorie intake (moderately) if you have extra fat to lose. As an added benefit, the leaner you get, the larger you’ll appear since you’ll see more muscle definition on your body.

12. Consider Herbal Ingredients

There are certain herbs — Fenugreek and Ginseng in particular that can help to enhance testosterone production in the body. Don’t be too quick to overlook the power that these herbal ingredients can have. They’ll also provide additional benefits such as increased energy levels and a higher sex drive.

13. Remove All Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar is a big no-no for anyone hoping to increase their lean mass gains and boost testosterone. Sugar is going to wreak havoc on your system, causing fat gain, fluctuating blood glucose levels, and cortisol release.
In an ideal world, you’d eliminate all sugar from your diet with the exception of natural fruit sugars.

14. Get More Sun — Or Supplement With Vitamin D

beachMaintaining an adequate level of vitamin D is also going to be vital to keeping your testosterone levels where they need to be. This can be achieved through getting outside more often in direct sunlight, or if you’re concerned with skin cancer — which you should be, supplementing instead.

Use a vitamin D supplement, or get your dose from TestoFuel as it’s included in this powerful product as well.

15. Add BCAA’s Post Workout

BCAA’s are great to serve up post-workout to help you move from being in a catabolic state to an anabolic one where testosterone levels are normalized.

BCAA’s provide the specific amino acids that your muscles use during intense exercise, so you will see a big difference in both your energy and recovery when using these.

16. Decrease Your Alcohol Intake

alcoholAnother big diet no-no to add to the list with sugar is alcohol. As hard as it may be to cut out that Friday night beer, if you want optimized testosterone levels, it’s a must-do, as was found in a study published in the Indian Journal of Physiological Pharmacology.

Alcohol is a toxin in the body and as such, will need to be removed. As soon as it enters your system, your body is going to shut down all other processes until it’s eliminated.
This includes testosterone production.

17. Do Compound Movements

Take a good look at your current workout program and make sure that it is founded around compound exercises. These are the exercises that are going to work the most total muscle fibers in the body and release the most concentrated dose of testosterone as well.

Plus, you can lift more weight while doing them, which we already explained above is key for maximizing the testosterone response.

18. Take 2 Days Of Rest Each Week

bodybuilder-sleepOver-training is yet another way to kill your testosterone levels fast, so rest days are going to be vital. Always aim to take at least 2 days off each week to stay on top of this. If you need more rest and feel like you aren’t recovering, listen to your body.

So there you have some of the top things that you can do to enhance testosterone levels. As you can see, there are many different ways to improve your release so that you can keep building muscle as you desire.
Don’t fall victim to feeling hopeless and giving up. Instead, take action and success can be yours.


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