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Grapes Increase Testosterone

The research on this one was a bit difficult. Everyone alludes to “Chinese research” which suggests that 500 mg, or essentially 5 to 10 grams of grape skins, raises blood testosterone level. There’s a number of publications making this claim: “Chinese researchers found the equivalent of 500mg — roughly the amount in 5-10g of grape skins — was enough to raise testosterone levels and improve epididymal motility (your sperm’s ability to swim).” Which was originally published in Men’s Health and subsequently reiterated by everyone else. However, there’s no source link there.

After further research (glancing through hundreds of results with various search terms), I finally stumbled on this: This paper was authored by many Chinese-sounding names (Sunhee Shin, Jeong Hee Jeon, Dongsun Park, Min-Jung Jang, Jae Hong Choi, Bong-Ho Choi, Seong Soo Joo, Sang-Seop Nahm, Jong-Choon Kim, Yun-Bae Kim). The report costs $39.95 so I can see why many people just quoted Men’s Health on it. The report comes to this conclusion:

In conclusion, we propose that resveratrol has a positive effect on male reproductive function by triggering a penile erection, as well as enhancing blood testosterone levels, testicular sperm counts, and epididymal sperm motility.

The study mentions grape extract (note … not grape seed extract). It mentions that the reason it increases testosterone is resveratrol. As it turns out, resveratrol is found in the skin of the grape. Eureka, I found the elusive “Chinese research” everyone is referencing.

You can get resveratrol either as a supplement, or in grape skins. While I sometimes grab some grapes … to make sure I get my optimal dosage I always use the supplement. I listed the brand I use below for your convenience. It has 762 reviews on Amazon, and it has 4.6 out of 5 stars, so for certain you’re getting the good stuff[AMAZONPRODUCT asin=”B0029O0RUS”]

Each capsule above has 1000mg. The study says you only need 500mg. Therefore, one pill is all you need to get twice your suggested RDA of resveratrol if you’re wanting to boost your testosterone.

While we’re talking about grapes and their benefits, lets discuss the other benefits that were mentioned by the report, namely increased sperm counts and sperm motility (movement). If you’re wanting to get your wife/girlfriend pregnant and are having difficulties, resveratrol could be your solution.

And here are more benefits discussed by Dr. Sinatra:

  • Protecting the endothelial lining of your arteries–so blood flows as it should.
  • Reducing oxidative stress, which prevents premature aging of cells.
  • Blocking the production of nf kappa b, a powerful, noxious inflammatory agent.
  • Cellular support that improves mental function, and promotes oral/dental health.
  • Cancer suppression by preventing cancer cell replication and enhancing cancer cell death in a variety of laboratory cell culture studies.
  • Muscle health, by reducing muscle wasting associated with diabetes and cancer.

There is another benefit provided by resveratrol. It is a proven aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. That is exactly what you don’t want to happen. Aromatase inhibiting drugs are given to men who have moobs (gynecomastia), enlarged breasts that look like a females. If your body is producing aromatase, it’s converting all your male hormone into female hormone. That sucks! If you’re suffering from gynecomastia, I highly recommend you take resveratrol to get your body functioning properly again. If you don’t have moobs, great! Improve your resveratrol intake through diet or supplementation and you’ll never get it!

Sounds like fantastic stuff? That’s what I thought! Resveratrol has a solid place in my supplement regimen. Click below to see the next food in my recommended testosterone building diet.

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