Con Cret Concentrated Creatine Powder Review

Con Cret is one of the relative newcomers on the market in the supplement scene. It’s in the purest form which is the hydrochloride variation (HCL) which makes it extremely soluble. This is great news for serious lifters and athletes as it gets taken into your muscle fibers just that much quicker after digestion. With that being said, if you are just starting out, there are cheaper and less advanced versions of creatine, like the monohydrate variation that you should probably test out first.

I’ve used Con Cret and it’s one of the better newer brands out there, but it still doesn’t hold up in my opinion to what Optimum Nutrition provides for the cost. ON’s brand has a ton more servings and it is micronized which is a close second to the HCL variation.

At the same time, the Con Cret brand gave me fantastic results. While it’s not as much “value” as the ON bottle, it provided me strength gains and energy that I did not typically see when taking the traditional ON brand. I also noticed that I didn’t hold on to as much water weight, and I’ll credit that to the fact that the product is extremely quality and has been used by bodybuilders for the last couple of years. While we did a brief overview of this particular brand here, I felt it was important to break down the facts that I had when using this brand in comparison to my usual favorite. In fact, on the page from the previous link, I have an overview of the top 5 powders on the market (from Optimum Nutrition, MuscleTech Cell Tech, Cellucor COR-Performance, Con-Cret and BSN CellMass.

Overall I can say that this creatine works as advertised. While I’m still on the ON hook for cost reasons, I would highly recommend you give it a whirl at least once if you are a more experienced lifter and have been taking creatine products for some time. It seems to work better with some people’s body chemistry than some of the monohydrate versions and it’s also said to alleviate some of the cramping that comes along with the monohydrate (although I have had only very minimal cramping and muscle twitching).

One thing to keep in mind is the serving size. The bottle says to take one scoop per 100 pounds of bodyweight, which for me translated to just over a scoop and a half, so the bottle doesn’t last nearly as long as one of the bottles of 2000G of Optimum Nutrition. That’s a big deal for me as the ON clearly provides a little more bang for the buck, and keeps me from going to the store as often.

Overall I think that the Con Cret is HCL creatine is a fantastic supplement and I’d recommend at least trying it if you are an experienced athlete. If you aren’t, and are just in the beginning stages, stick to the other brands we have listed here and you should see some great results for at least a few months before you decide to swap over and test this out.

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