Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate Ratings & Review — Is it worth it?

Carnivor Beef Protein Isolate has gotten flat out amazing reviews from a lot of the guys that I lift with. I constantly hear them raving about how much muscle they are able to put on by taking this protein in a very short period of time. I started to get rather annoyed with everyone talking about it so I decided to give it a rip and see what all the fuss was about. Here are my observations after using this product for 4 weeks in lieu of using my traditional Optimum Nutrition favorite.

Carnivor Protein

Taste: Get the fruit punch. My first batch that I took was Blue Rasberry and it was absolutely horrible. The taste was awful on the Blue Rasberry and I almost threw in the towel. Once I got the fruit punch version I was pleasantly surprised at not only the taste but the consistency as well. It mixed extremely well and I was thankful I gave another flavor a try instead of throwing in the towel. There are a lot of people that talk pretty highly of the chocolate version as well.

Mixability: I heard some folks talking about chunks with this product, but I didn’t have any issues with it at all. Especially with the fruit punch version. It tasted great and really mixed well too. Other than the Optimum Nutrition brands of Protein, there’s not many others that I can recommend with as much confidence as I can when it comes to how well they mix. The Carnivor brand held true and dissolved extremely quick in the blender bottle.

Energy: People don’t relate their protein supplements to energy as much as they should. For me when I take whey on an empty stomach, it actually makes me a little gassy no matter what brand it is. I can tell you that I didn’t have any of that with this particular protein experiment. It could be the creatine that’s added, but I definitely felt a nice giddy up when I started taking it prior to workouts.

Nutrient Factor: One scoop has 23 grams of protein which is about the industry standard for protein supplements. Two scoops puts you at the 46 grams threshold and that’s some serious protein. With only 124 calories, it’s extremely easy to stack this protein while dieting and making sure that I’m doing what’s needed to lean up. Personally, the beef isolate does lend itself very well to building extremely lean muscle.

Bodyfat addition: This is usually a result of your overall diet, but I can tell you that I just felt “leaner” while taking this stuff. Maybe it was the diet I had put myself on (went especially hard on the lean meats during this cycle) but I got more shredded than I have been in a long time along with adding a couple pounds of muscle in the process.

Wrap Up:

During my 4 week trial, I gained 2 pounds of muscle and gained almost no bodyfat. I can say that I will be scaling my protein and weight gainer purchases and I have a feeling that the Carnivor will be sitting in my pantry very soon. Carnivor Beef Isolate is an extremely effective alternative to whey protein if your stomach has a whey sensitivity. It’s extremely hard to beat in many categories including the low caloric quantity and the high amount of protein in it as well. I highly recommend this product as do countless others when looking at the reviews on

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