Best Methods for Gaining Weight with Supplements

Monster Mass from Cryosport – Creatine and Great Taste

This one is a winner when it comes to great taste. If that’s important to you, consider this formula mix. Another great feature is it has Glutamine, a vital building block for almost all protein.

Cytosport has another “taste” winner in its line of popular workout products. This brand is a little pricier than many others in the marketplace, but it makes up for the price with outstanding taste and being a more easily mixable option. The consistency is smooth and similar to the Pro Complex by ON, it’s got a very nice blend with a great taste. With this brand, you can expect to get 600 calories, and a host of blended elements that will help you improve your overall build. There are also plenty of other vitamins packed into this option that help this qualify as one of my favorites on this list.

Another great thing is that it is packed with vitamins, which is something to consider when taking this along with a multi-vitamin supplement (you may want to take fewer). It can be seen as a bonus for reducing the real cost of the supplement with Monster Mass vs ON Pro Complex Gainer.

At 600 calories per serving, its slightly leaner than the ON Gainer blend. In summary, it tastes good. If you’re getting tired of the taste of the other mixes, this one is a good option. That, and the Glutamine (which is lacking in On Pro Complex Gainer). Though, I’m not knocking Gainer too much, as its egg, whey and casein ingredients are a time-tested and trusted formula.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B002DUD76E”]

Universal Real Gains – Competitively Priced

Universal Real GainsI’ll be honest, not my favorite. Universal Real Gains has some benefits: it tastes ok (comes in Chocolate) and its near $8 cheaper than the first and third options reviewed above. Doesn’t have Creatine or Glutamine.

Each serving only has around 7 grams sugar, if you’re trying to avoid that. At 602 calories, this is one of the more lean options if you like a cut build. Prefer the taste of Monster Mass vs Universal Real Gains.

What is interesting is that Illpumpyouup ratings for this is 5 star (Gainer is 5 star too according to them). Another thing, when comparing prices, is that it is not only cheaper than the other products here, but it also has more uses. It contains 21 servings, compared to only 14 servings in Gainer which is the 2nd cheapest option. By far, this is the least expensive if that’s what you’re going for.

Universal Real Gains is a reasonably priced and is overall a pretty good buy. Unfortunately while it tastes pretty good, this brand falls short of Cytosport and the ON variety, but it makes up for it by making sure it’s priced in line with competitors. You can expect to get 602 Calories along with lots of other important qualities with the Chocolate Version. It also sits nicely with only 7 g’s of sugar. Not my personal favorite, but definitely a contender. It’s quite nice that it does come in a larger bag which can be better on storage.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B002N0H0Q2″]

BSN True-Mass – Merely Acceptable

Compared to others, BSN True-Mass is bleh. In my opinion, anyways. Why? It’s the most expensive option at around $50. However, it only has 18 servings vs Universal Real Gains which happens to have 21 servings (and more than $10 cheaper).

At 630 calories, it’s more calories than all the other leaner mixes. It also has 15 grams of sugar (vs Universal with 7 grams). Its not as tasty as Monster Mass. BSN is a quality product no doubt, however it doesn’t measure up to the other options featured here, especially when considering price.

It does have Glutamine in it though (considering all, 1st, 3rd and 5th choices on this page have that ingredient, an important building block for proteins).

BSN’s variation is probably my least favorite on this list just due to price. One bucket gets you about 16 servings, so expect to pony up to buy 2 of them to get you through a month. With 710 Calories, and a good balance of other ingredients, it sits right in the wheelhouse with the ON and Cytosport Brands. It does have 15 g’s of sugar as well, which might be an issue for those of you that are not ectomorphs. It’s still a quality choice, but I think that there is better value in any of these four we’ve already talked about in detail.

ON Serious Mass
ON Pro Complex
Cytosport MM
Universal RG
Creatine check cross cross cross cross
Glutamine check cross check cross check
Grams Protein 50 60 50 53 46
Calories 1250 650 600 602 630
Scoops 2 1 4 3.5 3
Servings 16 14 18 21 18

You can tell from the above chart alone why I’m such a fan of ON Serious Mass. It is the best option if you’re wanting a weight gaining supplement.



Are you skinny ectomorph and have a real hard time putting on muscle? If so, Serious Mass is your best bet. Do you have an athletic build that is more Mesomorph? You have the luxury of picking any of these products, to suit your personal needs. If you have an endomorph build, be careful of the high calorie option.

If you want all around good taste, consider Monster Mass. Thanks for reading this far! Any questions, feel free to post them and I’ll get back to you.

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