Best Methods for Gaining Weight with Supplements

ON Serious Mass – Great for Ectomorph Body Style

Serious MassAt 1250 calories per serving, you’re getting a serious amount of strength and density building nutrients. It contains Glutamine (an important amino acid that is part of most proteins), and Creatine (an important compound which gives your muscles the power to contract).

I’ve had great results with this, and in my opinion its pretty much the best you can buy. While the other products listed are of course quality (or otherwise I wouldn’t be listing them), this is my preference. It’s also the only product on this page that includes Creatine, which is something you’ll need to factor. In other words, if you’re taking an additional supplement that contains Creatine, limit your dose as you add this to your diet.

With ON Serious Mass vs ON Pro Complex Gainer, or vs Monster Mass, it boils down to how easily you gain fat, or how difficult it is to put on muscle, because its the only option that is twice the calories of all the other blends featured here.

This is the ectomorph’s dream. 1250 Calories per serving and tons of other important strength and density increasing nutrients. It also contains Glutamine and Creatine. If you are looking for a great combination package than this is pretty much the best you can buy. Just make sure you are not overdoing it with your creatine intake by stacking a ton of creatine on top of taking ON. Same goes for glutamine. I’ve personally had great results with it and I think it’s one probably most effective options out there. While there are others I would definitely use in a pinch, this is my favorite.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B000GIPJ0M”]

ON Pro Complex Gainer – Lower Calorie Option

GainerNow, Gainer is 1/2 the calories of Serious Mass. Lets say you find yourself adding a little bit too much fat when you’re trying to bulk up your muscles. That is where using Gainer is beneficial.

This brand is highly effective for anyone that has a tendency to add a little more fat while trying to bulk up. Within one serving you lock down 650 calories and tons of size increasing elements packed into a very tight blend. If you are trying to add weight but want something that is higher in total ingredients while being lighter in calories than other brands, this is a great option. This different combination of nutrients (egg, whey, and casein) all do a great job of building lean muscle. Pro Complex by ON can be taken post workout and/or later in the evening.

Gainer has neither Glutamine, nor Creatine. What it does have is egg, whey and casein, all of which are basic staples for building bulk and strength training for muscle. This is great for body builders who are looking to be cut and lean.

Again, we all have different body types, and some times experimentation to discover a supplement that unlocks your full potential is necessary. In general I consider this formula perfect for those with an endomorph figure, (incidentally, the remainder of the supplements mentioned are also lower calorie formulas compared to Serious Mass). For help visualizing what that means if you’re unfamiliar with the term, I’ve included an image below of the different figure types.[AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B002DYIZM6″]

I wanted to interject here, about the Gainer formula, and say that in my opinion whey is not the best source of protein. This is a debatable topic, and whey IS a tried and true formula for bulking up. However, in my opinion whey does not digest as well as beef protein. Read the previous link to find out why.

Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph Figures

You’ll notice that ectomorph sways towards being the skinniest. It is difficult for an ectomorph to gain muscle, and if this is your type I would highly recommend the Serious Mass option. Meanwhile, that would be a bad option for an endomorph, who should only be selecting the lower calorie mixes. The mesomorph has options and should look at their own goals in order to select the right formula calorie-wise.

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