Best Methods for Gaining Weight with Supplements

skinnyIf you’re looking to increase muscle density and size, this article will guide you through the most efficient way of bulking up. Over the years, I’ve tried many methods trying to gain weight, and below you’ll see what I consider the best options available. Even with research and advice, you may have to experiment because supplements and blends seem to work differently for individuals depending on their body composition and type.

Please keep in mind that all of these should be used sparingly and should be mostly used by someone that has a really hard time putting on weight. Using these when you are out of shape will only make you GET fat. If you are looking to add size, and are on the thinner side, then this is the right direction for you.

If you want to cut to the chase and have my recommendation of the best weight gainer, in my opinion it is Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass. For your convenience:

lean gain musclesWho stands to benefit from using weight gain supplements?

  • People that have a hard time putting on size
  • Athletes looking to Increase Size
  • Anyone Looking to Increase Strength
  • Athletes looking to add muscle quickly
  • Ectomorphs benefit greatly

Featured below are my favorites, with an explanation of my experience with each one. Before we continue, lets cover something basic that you need to understand before you even consider trying these. This is for people who are in good shape. These products, featured on this page, are for body builders who are having a problem adding bulk to their muscles. We’re going to make the assumption that you are in good shape and have somewhat of an athletic build, or are in the process of building your strength.

If you are not in good shape, using products like this will make you fat. You’re exercising, somewhat lean and looking to build muscle mass? Great! If not, consider getting in shape before taking the next step with weight gain supplements.

You’ll get the most from this guide if you have a hard time putting size on, or an athlete looking to get stronger and add muscle quickly. Let me now share my experience with weight gain supplements.

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