Atkins Diet Overview – Low on Carbs

2 weeksSince the introduction of Atkins diet into the world around the 1970s by Dr. Atkins, it had already gained popularity. In fact, its recognition in line with dieting and weight loss was considered a phenomenon. A lot of people had embraced the principles and the Atkins’ way of losing weight.

There are a number of theories that served as basis for Atkins diet. One of these is related to insulin. Dr. Atkins, the author of Atkins diet, revealed in his book New Diet Revolution that people get fat because the cells in the body are not functioning well. Getting fat is not totally about the over consumption of carbohydrates but how the body processes these carbohydrates. When the levels of sugar and carbohydrates in the body increase, insulin is released from the pancreas. Insulin helps to convert simple sugars and carbohydrates into glycogen to be stored in the liver and muscles. But the liver and muscles have storage limit, thus when it reaches its limit, the excess glycogen will be stored in the form of fat.

Consistent high levels of carbohydrates and simple sugars lead to increases the amounts of insulin that is already toxic to the cells. As a result, the cells’ function is affected and it produces more fat rather than working to convert simple sugars and carbohydrates to glycogen. Individuals with high levels of insulin do not only get fat but also exhibits fatigability, intestinal bloating, increased blood sugar, sleepiness and the brain fog syndrome which includes poor memory, loss of creativity and failure to focus.

Atkins diet is designed to remedy insulin resistance, whether natural or a result of over consumption of carbohydrates by its carbohydrate restricted diet plans. Restricted carbohydrates include cookies, all kinds of soda and sweets, bread, rice and grains, whole wheat bread, brown rice and even oatmeal. This is the core of Atkins’ plans. At least 40g of carbohydrates should be taken out in the daily diet, enough to put the body in the ketosis state. Ketosis helps the body lose fat the natural way by turning it into ketones. Ketones will now replace carbohydrates as the source of energy for the body. With the low carbohydrates and sugar, insulin will no longer be excreted by the pancreas thus, eliminating the possibility of producing more fats in the body.

Also, Atkins diet unlike other diets does not cause you to crave for carbohydrates. All these were proven by Dr. Atkins during his study and research and many of the Atkins’ diet followers further proved this result.

As a diet plan, Atkins diet during the induction phase is very strict but its rewards are significant including restoring balance into the diet. It helps you find the comfortable level of carbohydrates in the body and it ultimately resolves insulin resistance which causes many people to get fat. These are the reasons why Atkins diet is still popular and gaining more followers today. Including the many testimonies of individuals who had proven that Atkins diet really is one of the most effective low-carbohydrate diets known.

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