Amazing Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

low-carbLow carb diets provide a plethora of profitable benefits, a considerable cornucopia of delight for dieters. This type of diet is also known as a ketogenic. As it happens, purveyors of dieting advice will typically promote the benefits of their own ideal diet, and trash others that do not fit their concept of proper nutrition.

I’m not here to convert anyone, so if you’re paleo, vegan, or four-food-groups eating in moderation, good for you. I’m sure the benefits of our various diets overlap in some ways. If you’re concerned about how “dangerous” a low-carb diet may be, as always … disclaimer: consult your physician about any major dietary changes that you’re contemplating. There are many sources on the internet which purport the benefits of a low carb diet — and all I’m here is to explain the benefits of a low carb diet, and what it has done for me personally.

1) Low Carb Diets Eliminate the Hunger Factor


This point cannot be emphasized enough — if there were only one benefit of a low carb diet, it would be this one. In another article, I explained how I stumbled on this diet quite by accident (literally, a car accident!) I’ve used this diet three times in my life to attain a shedding of 70+ pounds, and also have used it to maintain my weight.

The winning factor of this diet is this: there is no hunger. None. You will not be hungry on this diet, yet you will consistently under-consume your daily needed calories which are necessary to maintain your current weight. The result, you have a calorie deficit and you lose weight.

Let me elaborate on this — because most who have not tried this diet will not believe me. Those diets you’ve tried that keep your brain zeroed-in on cheating, the pervasive addiction to icecream you may have, the thought process that overwhelms you and before you know it, you’ve suddenly consumed three meals of fast food at one sitting — that whole in-your-face “food food food, can’t stop thinking about food” that has caused every other diet you’ve been on to make you fail …

That won’t be happening. At all. Not even a little, teeny-weenie itsy-bitsy bit. You won’t care about eating food at all. You will be completely satiated at all times. Intermittent fasting will happen just because you forgot to eat. This diet is the magic bullet for losing weight, because you will have no temptation to cheat on it.

2) Low Carb Diets Don’t Feel Like You’re Dieting

Count calories much? For me, counting calories is disturbing. Everyone you decide to eat with knows you’re dieting when you count calories. If you were on a low carb diet, you could have gotten by with ordering just steak or chicken and veggies, in portions so obscene that nobody would ever assume that you’re dieting. Yet, there you are — slave to your calorie tallies. The fact that you were given a portion of unknown proportions makes the whole exercise futile. Might as well give up, you’re not doing that for the rest of our life are you?

Counting calories is highly restrictive. It makes you feel like a slave. It consumes your thoughts — for we all need to eat, and yet when calorie-counters eat, there is a barrier of “I cannot eat more than this amount”.

Now I can hear, in my thoughts, some calorie counter evangelist hopping up on a soap-box and proudly proclaiming that it doesn’t matter whether it is their diet, or if it is a low-carb diet — all that matters is whether or not a surplus or deficit of calories are consumed — and that applies to low-carb diets too!

Yes, that’s true. Except, my appetite is so diminished that I will never eat anywhere close to a calorie surplus. While you’re eating one slice of pizza wishing you could have had four, I’m eating whatever I want, whenever I want (as long as carbs do not exceed 40ish carbs per day), and if I over-eat while going out, so what? I’ll skip the next 2 or 3 meals automatically, because I’ll be so satiated that I won’t want to eat again. It will be easy.

3) Type 2 Diabetes Instantly Cured

Imagine for a moment, if you will, that eating kiwi fruit was directly tied to getting leprosy. I don’t know about you, but I would stop eating kiwi fruit. It’s a no-brainer. What is there to even discuss?

Yet, type-2 diabetes is instantly cured by cutting carbs. I wish I could remember who, but some celebrity had undergone gastric bypass surgery and it was said of them, during a news-piece I watched years ago, that it instantly cured their type-2 diabetes. Why? Because they had to drastically change their diet. They had to eat a much-reduced volume of food — which (of necessity) also meant that a lower amount of carbs were consumed.

The same happens with a low carb diet. Here we have an explanation by a doctor. I’m not personally a doctor and it’s a major proclamation to say “this will cure type-2 diabetes”, so I’m linking out — but if you do research, you’ll see that cutting carbs eliminates the symptoms of diabetes.

birthdaySomeone is certain to say, “Their diabetes isn’t cured. If they begin eating a higher amount of carbs again, they will begin suffering from their diabetes condition once again.”

This, I think, is the wrong way to look at this situation. Perhaps this high carb diet is unnatural for all of mankind, yet some of us are more tolerant of eating a bad diet than others. Just because some people can consume a bad diet without it triggering diabetes, doesn’t mean that that bad diet is the standard by which someone else’s diet (who has diabetes) should be judged and found to have a disease. To make the point, if everyone in the world can do a 20-foot belly flop into a pool without getting a red tummy from it, it doesn’t mean I have “red tummy disease” if I do a cannonball belly flop and find it painful.

The same could be said of lactose intolerance. The people who have an intolerance of lactose, is that a disease? Or, perhaps, mankind simply isn’t well suited to drinking cow’s milk — yet some people are more tolerant of consuming it than others. You wouldn’t call someone who has lactose intolerance as diseased, so why label someone who is high-carb intolerant as such?

There are many conditions that are improved with a low carb diet. I encourage you to further research affects on triglyceride reduction, increasing “good” cholesterol, and improving blood pressure.

Give it a try! The first few days are tough, but after that it is smooth sailing. Here is a list of low carb foods to get you started. I discussed my personal experience with low carb dieting more here.

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