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In the 15+ years I have been training, I’ve taken almost every workout supplement you can imagine. Some of them have produced great results and some of them were total flops. Advocare products have always been extremely productive for me, and I’m going to chalk that up to the quality of the product. I am completely addicted to their Spark Energy drink, and for the cost, it’s hands down the best energy drink you can buy. With that being said, their other supplements are absolutely top quality and taste great but they come with a price.

Let me say that all of my Advocare Product Experiences have been awesome, but honestly, there are other products that do the job just as well and are much easier on your pocketbook. You can read on below for my results with my experience, or if you are on a budget, click the icon below where I have laid out some awesome alternatives if you are looking to save money.

Here is what I’ve experienced while taking Advocare Products:

  • I’ve Gotten Leaner
  • Built More Muscle
  • Have More Energy
  • I’ve Gotten Stronger

Below is a quick run down comparison chart to give you some guidance on the products I have used most. Continue reading if you want to see pictures of my results!

These are considered a “premium” supplement brand and has similar if not better results than most high quality protein supplements on the market today. You can order their products directly for Amazon which most people are familiar with, or you can order directly from someone that’s a distributor of the product. Amazon has just recently gotten into the mix and provides a great resource for people looking to test out the Advocare line without a long term commitment. Amazon express shipping is surprisingly pretty cheap and I’ve used it a number of times when I’ve been in a pinch for an energy drink fix. I also prefer to order through Amazon because it’s cheap and I’m familiar with their ordering platform. Without further delay, here are my 5 favorite Advocare Products!

Spark Energy Drink Review:

spark drinkWith the surge of energy drinks out there in today’s marketplace it can be really tough to find one that’s not only good, but one that’s cheap and effective. The more commercialized energy drinks out there are horrible for your health. They typically contain large quantities of sugar and carbohydrates which turn to fat over time. Spark doesn’t really have any of that and the best part of all is that it’s cheap! If taken once per day, one canister of spark contains 42 servings and is usually priced around 49.99 which broken out per serving is cheaper than buying a cup of coffee per day. The Advocare Spark Energy Drink does contain caffeine and natural stimulants, so if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine, I would test this in small doses until your body is used to it. If you take an energy drink that’s not Spark — try it. If you’ve never had it before, you are absolutely missing out. The taste is outstanding with Fruit Punch locking me firm into my addiction. The Mandarin Orange actually reminds me of Orange Juice and my wife is totally hooked on the Strawberry Mango flavor.

Some of the Spark Energy Drink Benefits I personally get on a daily basis:

  • Increased Mental Alertness
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Activity Levels
  • Heightened Sense of Focus (probably due to the B-Vitamins)

Buy Spark Energy Drink at Amazon.

Muscle Gain Protein Blend Review:

muscle gainProtein supplements are the staple of supplementation. Advocare’s Muscle Gain protein blend gives you a good mix of proteins based off whey and falls into the combination supplement category. The reason I classify this as a combo supplement is because it has other additional additives that help aid in protein digestion making it a little easier on the stomach. Quality does have a price, and Muscle Gain is priced around 79.95 per canister that contains 25 servings. With the 25 servings you get 130 calories and 25 grams of high grade protein. If your stomach doesn’t handle cheaper whey products, this is a great alternative even if it’s a little costlier. If cost is a factor, you can stick to Optimum Nutrition proteins or weight gainers, but I have used this product and it yields great results and is worth every penny if you have the funds. I will say that this protein blend tastes way better mixed with water than any other protein blend shake I’ve tasted.

Some of the Benefits I received when taking Advocare’s Muscle Gain:

  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass
  • Decreased Recovery Periods
  • Increased Muscle Mass When Cutting Calories
  • Increased Strength

Buy Muscle Gain Protein Blend from Amazon.

Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink Review:

post-workoutAdvocare’s post workout recovery drink is actually one of the better post workout drinks on the market. Not to be confused with a Pre-Workout supplement like these here, a Post-Workout supplement should be taken after your workout. It contains a blend of whey proteins to help get it into your bloodstream faster than if you were just taking a traditional protein. It also contains glucose which supplies your body with the much needed carbohydrates it requires after stressing your body to the max with a heavy workout. The best part about the Post-Workout Recovery drink is that like all advocare products, the taste is awesome. Once again, this is one of your premium supplements that does carry a bit more of an expensive price tag, but if you can afford it, there aren’t many post workout recovery drinks that are engineered like this one.

Some of the Benefits I recieved when taking Advocare’s Post-Workout Recovery drink were:

  • Shortened Recovery Time
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Strength
  • Decreased Soreness During Recovery

Buy Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink at Amazon.

24 Day Challenge Review:

24-day-challengeAdvocare’s 24 Day Challenge is probably the most popular product line out of all of their products. It pretty much forces you to get out there and clean up your diet while you take top grade products to aid you in getting into the best shape you’ve ever been in. While I have not directly tried this product myself, My wife did it and lost 10 pounds in 24 days and feels way better about her day as a result of the vitamins that come with the 24 day challenge package. My sister in law has also taken the challenge and she’s in better shape now than she ever has been in her life. I also have a co-worker that’s lost 15 pounds during his 24 day challenge and now pretty much says he will never go back to drinking coffee again with his new found addiction to spark that matches my own.

Here are the benefits you can expect out of the 24 day challenge:

  • Increased Mental Awareness (Spark)
  • Consistent Weight Loss
  • Increased Strength
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Better Digestion

Buy 24 Day Challenge from Amazon.

Catalyst Review:

catalystCatalyst is one of the products that you take during the 24 day challenge. It’s an effective fat burner that helps you not only repair and protect your muscle, but it helps promote muscle growth by delivering high quality amino acids and glutamine together into a single product. There is also taurine which is a natural stimulant and helps you shed unwanted fat. When combined with other Advocare Products and taken at the same time, Catalyst will effectively help you burn fat while retaining hard earned muscle. It also helps keep your muscles fresh during periods of intense exercise and strenuous dieting activities by including glutamine which is an essential amino acid responsible for decreased soreness and enhanced muscle recovery.

Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to get when taking Catalyst:

  • Fat Reduction
  • Muscle Retention during dieting or cutting phases
  • Faster Recovery Times
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Strength

Buy Advocare Catalyst from Amazon.


Supplement Name
Our Rating
Product Type
Amazon Rating
Est. Amazon Price
Spark Energy DrinkAdvocare-Spark 4.5-Stars Energy Drink 9.5/10 4.9 $45.99
Muscle Gain Protein
4.5-Stars Protein 9.3/10 4.5 $79.99
24 Day Challenge
4.5-Stars Weight Loss Value Pack 9.7/10 4.7 $169.99
Post-Workout Recovery
4-Stars Post Workout 9.0/10 4.3 $45.99
Advocare Catalyst
4-Stars Fat-Burner 8.5/10 4.0 $32.99


My Reviews Wrap Up:

Advocare makes very high quality products that are hard to beat. There are not many products out there that can compare taste and quality wise. While there are other more budget friendly products, it’s very hard to match Advocare’s quality. If you do have a very tight budget and need to save a few bucks, there are other muscle building supplements and creatine supplements that can also aid you in your fitness journey to shed the weight and get into fantastic shape. I’d also recommend taking a look at a good test booster if you are a guy to help increase your testosterone levels, especially if you are over 35.

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