About Me

I’d like this website to be an inspiration for you to get into shape. Different people are inspired by different things. You may be looking for an ultra-health-guru who spent their entire life eating raw vegan, bodybuilder since age 14 to build up your enthusiasm to live a healthy life with a great set of muscles.

That isn’t me. I’ve spent the majority of my life being unhealthy, and unfit. Only in the recent year have I started to realize that I’m getting older, and if I want to live a long happy life I need to get my act together. I’m a tall guy, 6’4″, and when I started my journey I weighed 280 pounds with no muscle to speak of.

My diet was mostly junk food, for the majority of my life. I was weened on coca cola and was addicted to it for over 40 years. I’ve gone years without drinking water, only cola. For years I would average 2 to 4 liters of coke per day and not even drink water. In the last 5 years I switched from regular to diet, but it made no difference on my weight. I wanted to make a change.

I started out last year and went on a diet. Though my end goal is to have a body that looks in my 20s and have a muscular frame, its important to not work out too much when you’re dieting the way that I did. My method was a very low carb diet, and let me tell you something, it works wonders. Keeping myself at 20 grams of carbs per day (or less) and eating healthy foods like eggs, chicken breast, mustard greens and such — I lost an incredible amount of weight. In 6 weeks, I went from 280 to 230 pounds, having lost 50 pounds in around 45 days.

Then it became my boys birthdays, holidays, I slipped off my diet and quickly gained 30 pounds back. Re-starting from 260 and determined not to stop until I’m under 200 pounds.

This was phase 1 of my get-healthy journey. You ask, why didn’t I just start eating healthy and going straight to body building? There’s a method to my madness, and that’s the subject for a long post by itself, but the gist is that it is extremely easy to lose weight when you’re in a state of ketosis. Your body burns mostly fat and it kills your appetite so that you’re barely tempted to cheat with unhealthy snacks. It also allows intermittent fasting, where you skip meals sometimes just because you forgot to eat (seriously, no appetite at all).

Phase 2 of my journey is my bodybuilding process. Of course, you treat your body much differently when you want to build muscle. I didn’t spend a penny to lose over 80 pounds of fat. I spend very little now that I’m bodybuilding. Sure, I buy supplements, mostly creatine, glutamine and a few types of protein. But in my opinion, that’s a replacement for some of my food (can’t expect to eat for free now can you?)

I’m in the process of documenting my journey, making a video and sorting out photos. I’ll add them to the site when I’m happy with how it is arranged. For now, I’d like to impress on you that I’m 44 years old, I feel like I’m in my 20s, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been in my entire life — and there is hope, you can change your health around, even when you’re over 40.

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